Period poverty has been the reality for many teenage girls in rural and sometimes urban areas in Nigeria. Lack or inadequate access to menstrual hygiene products and the absence of proper information on menstrual health are part of the many challenges of menstrual hygiene management globally. This is a subject that has gotten little or no attention globally.

For example, in Nigeria where there are over 37 million females of reproductive age, many teenage girls are still unaware of the dangers period poverty pose on their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

As part of our several CSR initiatives, Divapads in partnership with Sanitary Aid Nigeria visited and taught girls from Anglican High School Ado-Ekiti and Mosadoluwa Orphanage home Ado-Ekiti about menstrual hygiene and the importance of using proper sanitary products such as sanitary pads.

We demonstrated this by donating a total of 1000 Divapads. This CSR was conducted on the 30th of September 2022 in the Fountain of knowledge, otherwise known as the beautiful Ekiti State.

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