Is freedom the absence of restraint?

One of the most exciting moments for every girl in her adolescent stage is the moment of noticing visible changes in her body. Those moments are priceless! Menstruation at this tender age comes with loads of emotions, fear, pride, and sometimes indifference.

Some even view menstruation as an incurable disease. Due to naivety, Ignorance, laziness, poverty, and baggage of other reasons, they fail to have a hygienic routine that corresponds with their menstrual cycle which leads to infections, low self-esteem, and in the worst case scenario, depression.

On August 25th, we conducted a corporate social responsibility in partnership with Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls, where we visited summer schools in Einsteins Prep College, Ikorodu, and teenage girls of Magboro community, Ogun State. This provoked conversations on the menstrual cycle, hygiene, period problems, endometriosis, and ways of overcoming related challenges. The event concluded with a donation of 1000 units of DIVA Sanitary Pads.

Knowledge is true freedom and Diva Pads is committed to empowering teenage girls with knowledge for healthy living.

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