My voice, our equal future.

Over the years, the topic of menstruation is slowly becoming an acceptable phenomenon in the society. Looking back at how it all began, the limitations, myths and shame that came along with having a period made it one hell of a journey, a rough phase for females. In some part of the world, it was even a taboo to speak freely about periods. Without denying the obvious facts that a lot of revolutions and re-orientation have happened, we still have a long way to go, such a long way to finally building a world where the female gender can unapologetically be free, have a voice and live beyond limitations.

The International Day of the Girl Child focusses attention on the challenges girls face and to promote empowerment and equality. To celebrate the Girl Child Day this year, Diva Pads partnered with Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls, an NGO, for a Corporate social responsibility at Ayedere Ajibade Senior High School, Ketu and Lagos State Correctional Center, Idi-Araba on Monday 25th of October 2021. This is to further pronounce our commitment to ensuring the well-being of the Girl Child with much more than our Products.

Gender equality, menstrual hygiene and consent-driven topics were explored at the event and concluded with a donation of 600 Diva Sanitary Pads.

Girls are breaking boundaries and barriers posed by stereotypes, and there is no limitation except for the ones we set for ourselves. Diva Pads will continue to be at the forefront of Girl Child Empowerment and Equality.

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