Right now before I lose my mind, I need someone to explain to me how I have exhausted my allowance for a whole semester and I’m just three weeks into resumption. How? What did I buy? I don’t even know how I intend to survive this semester.

It feels weird asking my parents for money this soon and especially after Omotara called Chioma and me mummy pet for always running to our parents at the slightest inconvenience. In her words, “that’s not a big girl’s way”

I was still in deep thought, confused about how to come out of this financial crisis as a big girl when I heard my phone buzz.

“Hey WhatsUp wanna hang out” It was Stanley, and I replied with “no, not in the mood”

Stanley stood out from all the guys trying to get my attention. Somehow, he reminded me so much about Tuoyo and even though we had just been talking for about a week and a half, I knew I like him so much already. The thought of hanging out with him excites me but I know I would just be all gloomy with him unless I figure out how to sort this money issue out. I was still deep in thought when Stanley’s call came in. I picked up and after a back and-forth with him asking what was wrong, I eventually told him everything. All he managed to say was, “it is fine, let me see what I can do. Pls send me your account details”.

Chioma came back from lectures just about the time I got a credit alert from Stanley, and I couldn’t help but scream out loud. Is this even possible? Or is it a mistake? 100 thousand naira just like that? Chioma told me to text him to ask if it was an error, which I did and he replied, “No, it’s not babe. It’s all for you! I hope you will hang out with me now.

I’m still trying to decide if I still want to go out that day because it was already late when Omotara got in. I immediately shared the money news with her and she was super excited for me. She encouraged me to still hang out with him that night so I can show my appreciation. Chioma on the other hand said it was late and that his giving me that much money is suspicious. What do I do?

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