Menstruation is a natural process experienced by almost half of the world’s population. Despite its universality, many women and girls continue to face challenges related to menstrual hygiene, including limited access to menstrual products, inadequate sanitation facilities, and stigmatization. Lack of access to menstrual hygiene facilities can lead to serious health problems, affect education and employment opportunities, and hinder women’s participation in society.

A crucial aspect of promoting menstrual hygiene is creating awareness and education. Educational campaign, workshops and seminars for women and girls in our communities will equip them with essential knowledge about menstrual hygiene, menstrual products, and how to dispose of sanitary waste safely. Promoting gender sensitivity and inclusivity is also important to ensure that menstruation is not stigmatized and that women and girls feel empowered to manage their periods.

Another way we can promote menstrual hygiene is by providing access to menstrual products. In January 2023 Diva pads partnered with Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls (SANG) for a CSR to distribute menstrual products to women and girls in Onike High School, Lagos, Moremi High School, Seventh-day Adventist Secondary School, Ile-Ife, Osun State while also addressing the issue of menstrual hygiene and its health importance.
Promoting menstrual hygiene is essential for women’s health, education, and empowerment. Together we can break the taboo surrounding menstruation and create a more inclusive and empowering society.

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