No one told me that enrolling in university will be this hard o. My mum had made payment for my fees online, and I thought all I needed to do was bring in a receipt, get my accommodation, and set the UniGirl lifestyle rolling. But here I am one week after, and there is still one or two registrations to do.

Dear Diary, I’m not made for all this stress, is it too late to run back home? The Only good thing so far about the Uni-Life for me is my roommate Omotara. We had clicked instantly the moment we met at the hostel registration stand, then luckily, we would be sharing a room. Dianne enrolled in Business Management. According to her, that’s what her parents wanted even though she had wanted to pursue a career in music and dance. Well, no way would my parents have agreed to such too you know. Chioma, my second roommate joined us much later with a cold introduction. She had come in very quietly and “hello, I’m Chioma” was all she managed to see before moving her things to the remaining bed in the room. I guess not everyone does so well with strangers, I hope in due time, she comes around.

Did I even mention how many months it took to convince my parents that a degree in mass communication is the best for me? My parents were both in the legal system. My dad had been a judge for as long as I can remember, with my mum being a Barrister. My eldest brother Charles followed their path without a fuss, and he is currently in Law School in Bayelsa. Mom and Dad are so proud of him. My immediate elder brother Felix, choose the science field, currently in his finals, studying medicine and surgery. Professions like this to my parents are the real deal. Eventually, the decide to let me have my way, and I couldn’t be happier.

Well, I better start moving if I intend to finish my medical registration today, so I can finally have time to breathe. I don’t know how much longer I can wait for Omotara. We were supposed to go for this together like we do for everything except lectures. Where on earth is she? I reached for my phone to call her and gigged at the sight of a message notification from HIM. Yes, him again, but then I got the biggest shock of my life. This cannot be possible, Why? I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I try to digest what I have just read. No way, this had better be a joke.

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