At seventeen, my life as I knew it has been perfect, maybe with little ruffles here and there, but nothing that I can’t handle. I mean, I’ve got a loving family, amazing friends, and high self-esteem that comes from being so beautiful, you know some fine girl privileges too. Everything to me was following the right course up until now. Just as I have not shared my love life with my Diary, is the same way I’ve kept it a secret between Tuoyo and me. His name is Tuoyo, the only one I’ve ever loved and dated. We started dating about a month after I clocked fifteen.

To be honest, my parents have always made it clear that I could not date anyone till I was eighteen at least, but we all have secrets, don’t we? Felix had to tell me about his club escapades after I saw a video of him, drunk on his phone. Charles on the other hand doesn’t even know that I know he is sexually active. I still remembered how shocked I was when I saw a condom in his room. Don’t ask me what I was looking for.

Tuoyo was so loving, he always knew the right words to say, and how to lift my mood. Asides from his obvious great physique, he had the right charisma to match, and when he speaks, I listen, or let’s say I’m lost admiring how his white dentition aligns so well, with a pink lip to complement it. I had fallen for him from the minute he showed up at our door looking for my brother Charles. You see why our relationship just had to be a secret. He is my brother’s best friend. We finally had the chance to talk a bit at my daddy’s 60th birthday celebration. There were so many guests, and my brothers were so busy, that no one noticed when we exchanged numbers. It’s been tough but a sweet tough, from having to password my phone, to sneaking around to pick up his call and all, but our love, what we shared has been waxing strong for over two years now. Tuoyo understands me even when I don’t speak, with him, I was always learning, he is six years older so there is so much to learn. How do I move on from someone I had been so attached to? Just how? Left to me we were good before I left home. He was schooling from home, so we always see him during the weekends. When I brought up leaving for the university, he didn’t take it well, but after a series of back and forth, he understood my reasons, or maybe I thought he did. I’m just so sad and angry at the same time. I mean, he didn’t even have the balls to break up with me physically or on a call but through a text? It’s been over a week since I got his text, and he has still not been taking my calls or responding to my texts. My energy went from a hundred to zero after I got his message, and I’ve been in my room all week. Thanks to Omotara, she noticed my mood and forced me to talk about it, she keeps saying I’ll be fine, but every day my heart tells me otherwise.

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