After the most enjoyable party I’d ever had, I told my friends, Omatara and Chioma, about what happened at the party; me saying yes to Stanley and the kiss which was the highlight of my day. 

Omotara was very excited about it and pestered me to know how it went down but Chioma was more conservative in her reaction. She still felt I was going too fast into the relationship and was very concerned. “Did you give this decision enough thought and are you sure this is what you want?”, she asked. 

I was quite sure I had fallen for Stanley and wanted to be with him but Chioma’s question made my heart skip another beat. It put a little doubt in me and wanted to make me press a pause but Omotara stepped in, “Stanley is a good guy, good-looking and nice, caring too. He listens to you and is kind to you, what more could there be”. Omotara’s words reassured me that I was making the right decision. 

As the days went by in my and Stanley’s relationship, I was enjoying myself and my relationship, we were in an endless honeymoon phase. Through all these, I found myself talking to my friends separately more, especially when it comes to matters concerning my relationship. I wasn’t trying to keep things from them but they always had such different reactions that it would almost always lead to an argument or disagreement. Their reactions led me to know that they both cared about me but they show it in different ways with their different personalities.

An argument rose to the surface when Stanley wanted us to have a small holiday, just the two of us. He wanted me to come over to his apartment outside of school for the weekend. Considering my background, Chioma was strongly against me going with him because she was convinced I’d have to lie to my mum and brothers if they called while Omotara felt it was harmless and wanted me to, “live a little”. The matter would be settled if they both settled down to understand themselves but they didn’t and it became a fight so big that I became worried that I’d have to choose between my friends.

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