Talk about bouncing back from your lowest moment, right now I don’t even think I’m bouncing, I’m flying. I mean I thought I would still be all down, crying over Tuoyo but I thought wrong! Not even with Omotara the vibes and energy queen being around me, no dull moment.

Then again school life mode is now fully activated. From lectures to extra-curricular activities to truly living the life, and the freedom package that comes with it. I’ve made more friends and been getting attention from guys left, right, and center. Everything here happens so fast that you can hardly keep track of time.

As k predicted, Chioma is gradually coming out of her shell but not at the pace Omotara wants. She still struggles with attending social parties and her rule of being indoor latest by 7 pm makes always has us laughing but then it is what it is!

The three of us had agreed to check out the newest lounge which was the talk of the town and as usual, it took us days to persuade Chioma to go with us.

We had just gotten to the lounge and were about to have our seats when a guy walked up to us and said “hello” in the sweetest and deepest voice I’d ever heard. “My name is Stanley, how are you girls doing?” At that moment, I don’t know how “we are good, thank you” came out of my mouth that quickly. It’s going to be a long night.

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