I don’t know what it is about the age of eighteen for me, but I know I have a bucket list of things I want to do once I clock eighteen. I’ve not been the type to be hyped about my birthday, but this year feels different. Yeah, being finally legal and able to do the adult kinds of stuff if you know what I mean. Stanley and I have grown closer after he helped me solve my financial problems weeks ago.

We eventually gave in to Omotara and hang out with him that night and that was how we started talking so much more than we have ever done. Stanley is so very clear about what he wants which is for me to be his girlfriend, but then I’m a bit skeptical about that because wow how things went with Tuoyo. I have decided to think things through till my birthday so I can have time to be sure of what I want. By now we all have adjusted to school life and the freshman years was over. The Freedom I thought I had was beginning to look like what I didn’t think it had alongside. The responsibility, stress, and most times the fear of whatever the future holds.

My birthday came and I got the biggest surprise birthday dinner planned by Stanley and of course with the help of Omotara and Chioma. I couldn’t be happier seeing my very close friends in school gather to celebrate me. At that instant, I knew I was finally going to say yes to Stanley this night. I mean he has proven his love for me repeatedly and I’ve grown to love him too. I am ready to let down my guard and forget the hurts of the past and move on to what’s ahead. I was still in my thought when I felt a hand tap me on my back, it was Stanley with the biggest smile on his face. Almost everyone at the party had gone and it was just my roommates and a few of Stanley’s friends. He took my hand and ask that we take a walk.

We had not walked long when he asked me what my answer to his proposal was. I think it was obvious even to him that he has swept me off my feet already. We stood still and I told looked into his eyes and whispered “yes I’ll be your girlfriend” to his ear and all he managed to say was thank you before leaning in for a kiss.

I kissed him back without hesitation and it was the sweetest feeling ever.

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